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The speakers

Gert Biesta

Gert Biesta is Professor of Public Education at the Centre for Public Education and Pedagogy, Maynooth University Ireland, and Professorial Fellow for Educational Theory and Pedagogy at the Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh, UK. He is co-editor of the British Educational Research Journal and associate editor of the journal Educational Theory. He writes about educational theory and policy and the theory of social and educational research, with a strong interest in questions of democracy and democratisation. Recent books and forthcoming books include: The Rediscovery of Teaching (Routledge 2017); Obstinate Education: Reconnecting School and Society (Brill-Sense 2019); Educational Research: An Unorthodox Introduction (Bloomsbury 2020); World-centred education: A view for the present (2021).

Michael Byram

Michael Byram studied languages at King’s College Cambridge, wrote a PhD in Danish literature, and then taught French and German in secondary and adult education. He was at Durham University from 1980, now Professor Emeritus. He has trained teachers and researched linguistic minorities and foreign language education. In the 2000s he was Adviser to the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe. He is now involved in the CoE’s work on Competences for Democratic Culture. His most recent monograph is From Foreign Language Education to Education for Intercultural Citizenship (2008). He is also editor with colleagues in several countries, of two books which demonstrate how foreign language and intercultural citizenship education can be achieved in practice: From Principles to Practice in Education for Intercultural Citizenship (2017) and Teaching Intercultural Competence across the Age Range: from Theory to Practice (2018).

Iben Jensen

Iben Jensen is associate professor at the Department for Culture and Learning, Aalborg University. Iben Jensen holds a MA in Cultural Sociology from University of Copenhagen and a PhD in intercultural communication from Roskilde University. She has specialised in the field of intercultural communication, cultural encounters, and learning. Her main interest is to create room for mutual intercultural learning and equal belonging. She is head of the research program Social Exclusion and Learning (SEAL), Aalborg, University. During the last twenty years she has conducted a number of studies on interculturality in Danish and international settings. She is the author of Introduction to Cultural understanding which is sold in more than 18.000 copies, and her newest book Global capabilities – practices and potentials at Danish efterskoles [Global dannelse – praksis og potentialer på danske efterskoler] was launched in January 2020. The book is based on her fieldwork at 10 Danish efterskoles especially looking at potentials and practices for developing global capability.


Louise Tranekjær

Louise Tranekjær is Associate Professor in Cultural Encounters at Roskilde University and carries out micro-interactional research on multilingual and multicultural encounters within educational and workplace settings. Louise Tranekjær has worked with processes of internationalization in high school settings since 2013, focusing on the notion of global citizenship and has contributed to the development of curriculum, teaching and evaluation activities. Louise Tranekjær has recently been appointed membership of an expert group with Professor Michael Byram and Professor Martyn Barrett for the Council of Europe that works on developing a portfolio evaluation tool for the Competences for Democratic Citizenship (CDC) framework.  Louise Tranekjær has published internationally in these areas of research and is Editor in Chief of the journal Sprogforum, focusing on language and culture didactics.

Jonas Lieberkind

Jonas Lieberkind is associate professor of educational sociology at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark. His research is based on both theoretical and empirical studies of society, politics, and citizenship education. In particular, he has focused on current tendencies among young people, their attitudes towards society, and research questions concerning students’ political socialization. Furthermore, he is at part of the Danish research team that conducts the International Civic and Citizen Education Study (IEA). Recently, he has been working with project on educationalization of the contemporary society and young peoples’ political Bildung.

Rasmus Kolby Rahbek

Rasmus Kolby Rahbek is Headmaster at The Academy for Free School Teaching. Prior to this, he worked as a Senior analyst at the Danish Institute for Non-Formal Education (VIFO) and as Pedagogical consultant at the Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark. He has a Ph.D. in Educational Science from the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, with a focus on the pedagogy of the Danish Folk High Schools. He has written several books and articles on the pedagogy and tradition of the Danish Folk High Schools and has most lately published the book “Stedets pædagogik – om højskolens opgave og praksis” (2019), based on his dissertation. Rasmus Kolby Rahbek started his career as a Folk High School teacher.  

Maria Pia Pettersson

Maria Pia Pettersson’s main interests in teaching and in research is the development of intercultural communicative competences, intercultural citizenship and dannelse. She has a PhD in educational research from University of Southern Denmark, Department of Studies of Culture. Her thesis was on “Potentials for intercultural Bildung in students’ practices in German classes in the lower secondary school in Denmark”. Maria Pia Pettersson was responsible together with a colleague from The Independent Academy for Free School Teaching for the development of a general education module on the topic of ‘learning democracy’ within the frame of the European program for lifelong learning. This year, Maria Pia Pettersson leads a project relating to the development of digital teaching materials and didactical approaches to intercultural dannelse in English and German classes. 


Anna Bruun

Anna Bruun is a project coordinator at The Danish National Centre for Foreign Languages (NCFF) and holds a master’s degree in foreign language education. She is a former associate professor at University College of Northern Denmark and has a background as a language teacher in both teacher education and primary- and lower secondary education. Anna Bruun has worked with internationalization in many different contexts and is an experienced project leader of several international projects.

The international conference is a result of close cooperation between the free schools in Denmark.   
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