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Contact Seminar Berlin 2024

International Erasmus+ Contact Seminar
October 28th-30th 2024 at the Danish Embassy, Rauchstrasse 1, Berlin.
Participation from international schools and Danish independent schools.

Working with hope, meaning, and belief in the future in times of crisis

Children today are growing up in a world largely marked by crises. Wars in Europe and the climate crisis dominate the media agenda. One of the most important tasks as a teacher is to inspire students the belief that they can actually change the world for the better.

How do we work with hope, meaning, and belief in the future in times of crisis? 

This contact seminar and conference in Berlin aim to provide participants with new perspectives on teaching and tools for working with hope during a crisis. There will be a special focus on peace education, sustainable development, and concrete initiatives that can create connections among students in Europe.


  • Focus on schools' teaching in the tension between hope and crises.
  • Foster connections between Danish independent schools and international schools.
  • Highlight schools' work with democracy and linguistic and cultural identity.
  • Provide schools with tools for cross-country projects in Europe.
  • Involve students from schools before and after the seminar.


The contact seminar will include presentations, workshops, and networking activities. The themes for presentations/workshops will be:

  • Peace education.
  • Cultural identity – language and communities.
  • Locally rooted democratic communities as a resource in sustainable development.
  • Diversity - peaceful coexistence despite differences.


  • Monday, October 28th, 2024: Conference on peace education and sustainability

    09:00  Welcome

    09:30  Keynote: Fighting against distrust and polarization of society
                 Presentation and workshop
                 Ebbe Bertelsen, Project manager
                 The Bridge Builders Association - Centre for Dialogue Coffee

    10:30  Break

    11:00  Workshop:
               How do you work with hope in a time of crisis in your school?

    12:00  Lunch

    13:00  Keynote: Intercultural Competence and peace education:
                Götz Nordbruch, Berghof Foundation.

    14:00. Break

    14:30  Workshop:
               How do you work with intercultural competences and hope in your school?

    15:30  Break

    16:00  Cultural event

    17:00  End of programme

  • Tuesday, October 29th, 2024: Contact seminar – find your future partners

    09:00  Official welcome - introduction of participants and specific interests

    09:45  Workshop:
                Best practices of class exchanges/pupil mobility

    10:15   Break

    10:45  Workshop:
                Best practices of job-shadowing

    12:00  Lunch

    13:00  Workshop:
                eTwinning and best practices of online cooperation

    13:30  Workshop in smaller groups
                Erasmus+ pupil mobilities
                Job-shadowing opportunities
                Online cooperation

    16:00  Hand out of seminar certificates and end of seminar

  • Wednesday, October 30th, 2024 – School visits

    10:00  School visit to a primary (and secondary) school in Berlin

    Programme may be subject to change.

For more on keynote speakers:

Berghof Foundation

Vision: 'A world changing for the better through constructive conflict transformation'

The Bridge Builders Association

Vision: 'A mass movement, where the individual citizen takes personal responsibility for the conversation'


When: Autumn 2024 – October 28th-30th.
Where: Held at the Danish Embassy, Rauchstrasse 1, Berlin.
Participants: 12 Danish independent schools (2 participants per school) and 12-20 international schools. 50 in total. Participants arrange their own accommodation.

The Nordic Embassies in Berlin

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