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Programme Paris 2023

Participants: European teachers – mainly French and Danish teachers

Date: 9th-11th October 2023

Place: The Danish House, Champs Elysées, Paris



Monday October 9th, 2023 - Contact seminar  
– find your future partners for class exchanges, job-shadowing and online cooperation 

09.00  Welcome  
           - introduction of participants and specific interests 
09.45  Workshop: Best practices of class exchanges/pupil mobility 
10.15  Break 
10.45  Workshop: Best practices of job-shadowing 
11.15  Events about democratic citizenship in Paris April 2024 

12.00  Lunch 
13.00  Workshop: eTwinning and best practices of online cooperation 
13.30  Workshop in smaller groups  

                      1. Erasmus+ pupil mobilities 
                      2. job-shadowing opportunities 
                      3. Online cooperation  
Coffee break 

16.30  Walk n’ talk 
17.30  Cultural event 
18.30  End of program 


9.00               Welcome

9.30               Understanding and developing foreign language teaching for better learning
                     Hanne Leth Andersen, Rector, PhD Language & Learning, Roskilde University
Language pedagogy is a complex composition of a great number of specific choices made both while preparing and during the actual teaching. Language teaching therefore heavily depends on the teacher’s (and the learners’) underlying overall understanding of what a language is, what the specific target language is, and how it is learned. 
At the same time, it is influenced by teacher and student roles and motivation. As such, language teaching may include communicative tasks, reading, grammar, differentiation, media and digitalization, role plays, and direct or hidden reference to learning strategies and learning styles, etc. 
In Hanne Leth Andersens's presentation she will show how you can develop your teaching by reflecting, individually or with colleagues, on your own deep understandings and the many choices you make. In this way, she will refer to theories on teacher cognition, language acquisition, grammar and language description, pedagogy, and motivation. 

10.30            Break

11.00            Workshop: How do you work with language teaching in your school?

12.00            Lunch

13.00            Keynote: Intercultural Competence
                    Michael Byram, Professor – Universities of Durham (England) and Sofia (Bulgaria)
Foreign language teaching has a natural focus on communication with those who speak other languages.                 
Traditionally this implies people in other countries, although today in our multicultural societies, there are many who speak other languages in our immediate environment. 
Communication is however not just a matter of exchanging information or opinions. It should involve a deeper understanding of others – and they of us. 
Communicative competences need to be complemented by intercultural competences and in this talk Michael Byram will describe intercultural competence, its relationship to language teaching
- and other subjects in the school curriculum - and illustrate what this means in practice, both language teaching practice and the practices needed in exchange visits focused inter alia on language acquisition.

14.00            Break

14.30            Workshop: How do you work with intercultural competences in your school?

15.30            Break

16.00            Walk n’ talk – What is my take away and how can my teaching be qualified?

16.30            Hand out of seminar certificates and end of seminar

Wednesday October 11th, 2023 - School visits (optional):

10.00  School visit to a primary (and secondary) school in Paris 

12.00  Lunch

13.00  School visit to a secondary (and primary) school in Paris

15.00  End of today's program



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